About Us

People are the plan.™
An initiative of Smart, Savvy and Associates


It’s no secret. Exceptional people are the foundation of #standapart teams. And, #crackerjack teams, produce #gamechanging results. The team at Smart Savvy and Associates launched the People are the Plan project to facilitate better conversations and help create higher-performing teams. Because, when a team communicates better, they’re stronger and everyone benefits.  

Our cards serve as conversation starters, they allow you to build relationship, say thanks, apologize, request a meet-up, set the stage for feedback, request a ‘crucial conversation’, recognize effort and encourage someone to ‘press on’. 

Take it Offline. Simply.

Traditional mail has almost become a thing of the past.  So much so that it really stands apart, cuts through the clutter and captures mindshare. Saying that, we all know it can be a pain to select, write and mail a card.  We make sending seriously smavvy (smart + savvy) mail as simple as sending email (but wayyyyy better). You customize it and we handle all the time consuming bits.  We write, stuff, stamp, address and mail cards on your behalf.


About Smart Savvy

We specialize in finding proven marketing, communications and sales professionals. We have an eye for talent and we’re good at smoking out the pretenders too.